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Our Expertise

The A to Z of creating timeless jewels

Unique, refined, breathtakingly gorgeous, and soul-stirringly powerful and long-lasting...

There's something for everyone's taste and budget... Every gem and diamond's & "natural stamp" is uncovered, improved, embellished, and articulated to its best possible expression for the world to appreciate...We ensure that every piece that leaves our atelier reflects our devotion to offering the best and most fashionable to our prestigious and discriminating customers, from conception to design to the final phases of manufacturing. The finish,finesse, design and redoubtable craft of jewellery making is being practiced and perfected with the help of the latest technical and technological tools and machines at Vijay gems & Jewellery.

The Process

Just like the finest Le Cordon Bleu chefs start with the best ingredients to ensure that the meal is unforgettable and remarkable, we start with the finest diamonds and gems. Our diamonds are ethically sourced from trusted and time tested sources from conflict free zones and adhere to the highest ethical, environmental and social standards of procurement.

Our CVD machine first verifies the authenticity of diamonds, before any other operation is carried out to ensure that each and every stone being used in the design is authentic, amazing and the real deal.

  • The diamonds thus certified and chosen then undergo one more stage of sorting by our expert team of qualified sorters. This manual intervention is necessary as every diamond has to be assessed on various critical criteria before it can be utilized in any design. Each diamond is thoroughly examined for cut, carat, clarity, and colour consistency and then sent for the next process.
  • Jewellery Design is a highly specialized and creative field that requires not only a high degree of expertise but a superb sense of style, sound skill and knowledge and creative ingenuity and aesthetic ability.We have a dedicated in-house team of professional designers, who are ably supported by a team of CAD/CAM experts, and together create definitive diamond jewellery that is a class apart.

When it is time to bring the design to glorious life, the jewellery sockets are created using a one-of-a-kind wax casting procedure. The Gold sockets are further tested for purity and only then they are tagged for the next step in the process.

  • Next step in the progression of creating a superlative piece of jewellery is the placing of the diamond into the socket by the setters. The expert eye and manual crafting again comes into play as the diamond's facets are skillfully filled to guarantee that they are precisely studded and finished.

Accompanying these processes are comprehensive multi tier quality control and monitoring systems that guarantees that there is no scope for defects. Master craftsmen ensure that both before and after diamond setting, an in-house polishing unit polishes the jewellery and evaluates and ensures the quality of finish of every product. Every piece of jewellery is tagging and laser marked, with all product information such as weight, diamond number, and purity.

In order to make the jewellery ready for its long journey as a prized family heirloom, plated in Rhodium to give it a stunning lustre and brilliance. It also provides a long-lasting polish and sheen that enhances the sparkle of the jewellery and increases the jewel's allure and lifespan.

Since jewellery making is a precious and prized process, every stage of the jewelry-making process is monitored and recorded using specially created integrated software. Years after the jeweled piece is sold and dispatched to the proud owner, it is possible to trace and recount the history of its creation. This is especially useful in identifying post-production flaws and providing the best possible service to our consumers.