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Welcome to Vijay Gems & Jewellery


Jeweller to the Jewellers...

Take the style of individuals who have been crafting the most gorgeous and sumptuous jewellery for royal doyens….

Steep it in the finest jewellery traditions of the richest repository of jewels in India- South India…

Wed it to the sensibility, skill and substance of a renowned jeweler family that has built a formidable reputation for quality and excellence in their craft through generations…


Weld it to the passion,dynamism and dedication of highly qualified management who have studied the latest trends and bleeding edge techniques and tools in the gems and jewellery business.

Pepper this with insightful exposure to the premier jewellery houses across the jewellery hubs of the globe

and you get…

Vijay Gems & Jewellery - A one stop holistic gateway to the finest, innovatively designed and exquisitely crafted timeless jewellery. We are on an exciting odyssey wherein the latest techniques and precision tools render wondrous gems and diamond dreams into glittering reality.

Jewellery is an art and craft that requires the imagination, flair and finesse of poetry,

…And the meticulous execution and technical precision of advanced engineering.

We at Vijay Gems & Jewellery have both... and more…

A manufacturing facility that combines dedicated units for the end to end manufacturing of jewellery from design to etching to camming, casting, setting and polishing to the finishing of each piece into an exquisite, exceptional and unique piece d’art.

The manufacturing process at Vijay Gems & Jewellery is seamless and streamlined but sublime. Every member of our team- Design/Artisan/Technician/Craftsman recognizes that he/she is a part of a great tradition and heritage. The passion, respect for the craft and artisanal pride with which every piece is crafted is reflected manifold when each be-jewelled, scintillating piece dazzles and delights....

Scores of pieces leave our manufacturing facility every day, but each is made with love, crafted to perfection and adheres to the most stringent benchmarks of beauty, magnificence, perfect craftsmanship and exacting detail. Equipped with the latest automated and highly specialized tools and machinery, operated by highly trained and experienced technicians, the manufacturing mechanisms for each stage are well defined and carried out seamlessly and efficiently with an indisputable zero error margin.

The sublimity is owing to the intricacy, delicacy, inspired product range that is continually created but is highly individual and customized. The one of a kind pieces that emerge from the factory atelier of Vijay Gems & Jewellery act as the building blocks for the shining stature of rarity, class and quality that define our products. Our products distinguish Vijay Gems & Jewellery as being, to use a phase from the biz- 'a cut above the rest' …and this distinction has now become our brand mark.

The South Side Story

The mythical 'Golden Land', where even the beaches had pearls and the land spewed forth diamonds and gold was how South India was known in the ancient world. Wealth and enterprise lead to the establishment of powerful empires where the acme of art, culture and skill based production was achieved. Jewellery formed a huge part of this legacy.

Richly ornamented and detailed, the jewellery traditions of South India are strongly wedded to the idea of the spiritual. Jewellery is treated as the connection between the divine and the human and both elements are celebrated in each piece. Finely etched and lifelike miniature gods and goddesses, sacred symbols, ancient techniques and the pure opulence, luxury and sumptuousness of South jewellery is instantly recognizable. Any jewellery collection in the world is lacking if it does not have the invaluable addition of a South Indian jewellery piece.

Combining the best of these illustrious and fabulous jewellery traditions with the most bleeding edge tools and techniques, Vijay Gems & Jewellery is gently bringing about a silent revolution in the industry. Tradition and Modern Technique is an unbeatable combination and when backed by the experience and expertise of generations, it becomes a powerhouse which is fuelling the passion and creative energies of the entire team at Vijay Gems to carry forward the legacy and add much more luster, shine and sparkle to it.

Diamonds for every occasion…

Meticulous art has flourished in South India for generations, and the enduring manifestation of this art and culture is the art of jewellery making.

We are unrelenting in our search for new masterpieces to express our inventiveness and vision for creating premium gems. The astounding beauty and complexity of each design is the product of a rampant dedication to design, artisanship and technical finesse. The guiding concept of Vijay Gems & Jewellery is to produce masterpieces that can be treasured for generations.

Scrupulously handpicked diamond's and gems that revel in the luminosity of fabulous settings are produced with loving meticulous attention at our manufacturing centre. Complex and fool proof Standard Operating procedures (SOP), Checks and balances, multi- tiered quality processes and quality control procedures ensure the integrity of every aspect of the jewellery thus etched into reality.

Bridal Jewellery is our pride and joy and the undisputed pivot of our facility. We believe that bridal jewellery not only encapsulates the dreams and blessings of the parents and elders, but also the love, hopes and aspirations of the happy couple. Our bridal collections are made with special love and care.

Our wedding jewellery selections express the individuality and personal story of the bride and compliments an accentuates her natural beauty and grace. Vijay Gems & Jewellery's diamonds and jewellery are superlative, unique, precious and absolutely drool worthy. The company's forte is to wed classic with contemporary and create magic.

Relentless pursuit of excellence in the art and craft of creating finest jewellery which becomes heirloom for generations is our family legacy. Although our family has been strongly rooted in the Gems and Precious metals business since generations, Vijay Gems & Jewellery in its current avatar was established by the visionary and dynamic Mr Vijay Surana. He was joined by his enterprising brothers , and all the brothers gave firm foundations to the enterprise by not only strengthening the family’s proficiency in diamonds and gems but venturing into the sparkling domain of jewellery.

In the beautiful city of palaces and kings Mysore, Vijay Gems & Jewellery started dealing with loose diamonds in 1984, under the masterly mentoring of Late Shri Sudarshanmall Surana and Late Shri Rishavchand Jain. The value based guidance of these stalwarts gave the company an unimpeachable focus on ‘value for money’ and ethical and enduring business practices.

As the City of Gardens became the buzzing metropolis of digital progress in India, where the best business houses flocked, we also recognized the marvelous growth opportunities and established our unit in Nagarathpet in the heart of the jewellery hub in Karnataka in 1993. In 2007, another strategic shift was made to Anand Rao Circle as our manufacturing facilities underwent phenomenal extension.We also set up a facility equipped with the latest technological tools and machinery and an office in Gandhi Nagar on April 6, 2014. Exciting plans are always afoot in the premises for further growth as we look to the future with confidence, passion and preparedness under an effervescent third Gen of Vijay Gems & Jewellery.

This firm foundation is currently being taken to new heights of achievement by the third Gen of Mr Bharat Surana and Mr. Deepak Surana whose passion for their family venture is amply faceted and tempered by global exposure and specialized education in the field from the most illustrious institutions. Mr Bharat Surana has completed his GG from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where their World Class Laboratory Facilities created the standard of the 4 C’s of Diamond Quality and the GIA 7 Pearl Value Factors. Mr Baharat imbibed in depth knowledge in the International Gem Tower, which is located in the heart of the renowned Diamond District in the Big Apple which is the gateway to the World’s largest consumer diamond market. Business acumen and best practices of the Diamond industry were naturally imbibed as jewellery happens to be New York’s third largest industry.

Complimenting this New York edge is the Diamond Graduate Course which Mr Deepak Surana completed from HRD Antwerp- Europe’s leading authority on Diamond grading in the heart of the traditional diamond capital of the globe. 40 years of unrelenting excellence has made HRD Antwerp the Gold Standard of grading and polishing for the experts. Gemologists from all over the world converge at Antwerp to immerse themselves in the highest reaches of Diamond identification and expertise, gemology of coloured stones, sorting of rough and polished diamonds and jewellery design and sales.

Armed with such a redoubtable array of expertise, the passion and zest for creating new 'Diamond Standards' for the Global Jewellery Industry have made the 3-Gen Next not only the power to dream of being among the shortest list of the best diamonds manufacturers in India, but also the power, expertise and business acumen to achieve this dream.

Mysore to Bangalore

The move from the royal sensibility of Mysore the City of Palaces to Bangalore the wondrous City of Gardens, but also the digital heart of India was strategic and timely. Vijay Gem & Jewellery's large and state of the art jewellery manufacturing facility is based in Bangalore now, but we encapsulate the best of South Indian traditions and cultural heritage. The magnificence, intricacy and grandiosity of the massive temple complexes made by the Chalukyas, Cholas and Pandayas is reflected in finely wrought precious metals and the rarest gems in the jewellery too. Traces of the potency, stateliness and grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire can still be seen in the sumptuousness of the exquisite jewellery of this region, produced at Vijay Gems.